Recently, a friend of mine asked me to choose between going back to 10 years ago with the same knowledge that I have now, and going 10 years into the future with a certain amount of money. The hardworking part of me was going to go back to 10 years ago with the same knowledge […]

I got into a conversation with someone recently about having an accountability partner. Her submission on the topic really humbled me, more because I have been a culprit as well. It is a good thing to want to help people, but, like Jesus said, “you don’t try to help someone take off the speck in […]

One of the most difficult questions I have had to answer over the years is, “Who are you?” Interestingly, till today, I still struggle to answer that question. I probably start with my name, what I do, what I have done in the past, etc. But it never really satisfies my own curiosity when it […]

Move out of your parents’ house and start living alone, it doesn’t matter how big your new apartment will be. The point is living alone makes you take control over your own life. Strive for ‘’freedom from’’ to ‘’freedom to’’. Depending on your culture, being responsible comes with different meanings, but my best definition of […]

I am a very logical person, and that means that I think of a thousand and one possibilities in every situation. You can refer to them as “what ifs”. What if this?What if that?What if she says no?What if he does not approve?What if they don’t understand? Unfortunately, the more prominent possibilities tend to be […]

January felt like it was a part of 2020, and that’s not surprising. The year wasn’t done yet, even though its time had expired. It really felt like it was starting all over again. Not anymore though, I have had enough of 2020, and it is high time I actually started the new year… I […]

The best way to love someone else is by first learning to love yourself. You cannot love someone enough if you have not learned to love yourself enough.

It’s been a long time since I last wrote. And to be honest, I have been having a hard time writing again. This is just one of the many things I love which I have not been doing due to “being busy”, and it really hurts thinking about it. But this is what a new […]

I was raised by an amazing father, who defined fatherhood for me: Responsibility Sacrifice Selflessness Humility Determination Perseverance Trust me, if I go on, I will end up creating a post on a list of qualities of an amazing Father. Watching my father take responsibility when things got tough for the family helped build a […]

What is your greatest fear? Whatever it might be, it cannot change who you are. Who you are is more important than your fears.

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