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Huge expectations on my shoulders; every one has a version of me they want to see. They all seem to paint it so well to look perfect. The problem here is, there are different versions of perfect. Every individual giving me their own version of a “perfect me”. Oh poor and naive me; I want […]

Living a life that mattersĀ has always been my dream, my aspiration. I have always wanted, desired to live a life that made a difference. A life that is full of impact. It was not about living a wealthy and famous life (though I had wanted to be among the richest young men in the world), […]

Hey there, you are welcome to Self Discovery Hub, and to my very first post. First of all, about me: My name is Durotoye Temitope and this is officially my personal blog. The first thing you should know about me is that I love God… yeah, i do.. I love Him so much actually. I […]

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