Personal Stories

I am a very logical person, and that means that I think of a thousand and one possibilities in every situation. You can refer to them as “what ifs”. What if this?What if that?What if she says no?What if he does not approve?What if they don’t understand? Unfortunately, the more prominent possibilities tend to be […]

January felt like it was a part of 2020, and that’s not surprising. The year wasn’t done yet, even though its time had expired. It really felt like it was starting all over again. Not anymore though, I have had enough of 2020, and it is high time I actually started the new year… I […]

The best way to love someone else is by first learning to love yourself. You cannot love someone enough if you have not learned to love yourself enough.

I was raised by an amazing father, who defined fatherhood for me: Responsibility Sacrifice Selflessness Humility Determination Perseverance Trust me, if I go on, I will end up creating a post on a list of qualities of an amazing Father. Watching my father take responsibility when things got tough for the family helped build a […]

Good morning, what is really good about the morning? With everything happening around me, I am not sure seeing a new day is what I really want right now. The dark skies seemed to cover all that seems to be going on, making them seem non-existent. My closed eyes shut out the painful thoughts that […]

This is arguably one of the most common questions we get asked, and we ask others as well. There was a time, my answer to this question would be; my name, my school, my class and a few details about my family. However, a couple of years back, these answers have felt unsatisfactory. Even to […]

I used to think I was the only one. The only one who felt different, out of place, unusual. In the midst of a crowd, I would think I do not belong here. Sometimes, it made me try to reshape myself, cutting my edges in order to fit in. I usually end up looking disfigured […]

What is the most exciting thing that could happen to you in one day? Well, for me; it is being blown away by people’s thoughts. Whether in books, conversations, movies, social media posts, articles and so on, I am always fascinated at the boundless possibilities the human mind can produce. 24th March, 2018 was one […]

Huge expectations on my shoulders; every one has a version of me they want to see. They all seem to paint it so well to look perfect. The problem here is, there are different versions of perfect. Every individual giving me their own version of a “perfect me”. Oh poor and naive me; I want […]

My name is Durotoye Temitope, I am here to support the motion which says; “Farmers are better than Doctors”. But before i continue, i would like to give honor to whom honor is due by saying, good day Mr Chairman, honorable panel of Judges, my Co-debaters and fellow students. Like I said earlier, i would […]

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