Good morning, what is really good about the morning? With everything happening around me, I am not sure seeing a new day is what I really want right now. The dark skies seemed to cover all that seems to be going on, making them seem non-existent. My closed eyes shut out the painful thoughts that […]

Smiling faces, happy people, talking non-stop, friendly, fun, no iota of something wrong. And then we conclude that everyone else is doing perfectly well. No one’s got my worries, nobody seems to be complaining. It all seems like everyone is going on quite fine. Not just fine, perfect. Everyone else seems to have everything figured […]

I don’t think I will be able to last for another year. I feel overwhelmed by the sorrow of not being the perfect person I always imagined couple of years back. My dreams looked nothing like the reality I am faced with right now. Yes, it is all my fault. Bad choices, bad decisions. I […]

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